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I run the community [community profile] crowdfunding for creators and patrons interested in this business model.  Crowdfunding is all about creative people and their audiences interacting to generate and publicize great stuff.  We use it for writing, art, music, and all kinds of other projects.  If you want to make money from your writing, but you're doing something off the beaten path that doesn't seem to grab conventional editors, consider marketing it direct to your fans.  There are tips on how to do that here.

Once a month, we hold a Crowdfunding Creative Jam.  The next one will be Sunday, August 19-Monday, August 20 with a theme of "preservation/conservation."  Come leave prompts for people to create goodies for your, or claim prompts as inspiration for your own writing.

People post about a lot of great writing projects on [community profile] crowdfunding -- both ones they write and ones they read.  Here are some examples you might like to explore ...

[personal profile] kajones_writing runs over a dozen series, mostly fantasy, some horror and other genres.  You can prompt for new stories or request continuations of current ones.  There's a credit program where you can earn perks by boosting the signal, spotting typos, etc. and use those to adopt characters or do other cool stuff.  I have a recent analysis post here.

Torn World is a science fantasy shared world.  Sometimes we announce events such as our Muse Fusion, where folks can prompt for story ideas or characters they'd like.

Aether Dancer is a steampunk shared world, centered around a webseries that's currently running a fundraiser campaign.  It's open source, which means everyone is welcome to create characters and write about them.  You can read my story, "Finding the Library."

My Poetry Fishbowl project runs once a month on [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith.  I set a theme, people give me prompts, and I write poetry based on whatever I get.  There are individual and collective perks for donations.  See the landing page for more details; see the poem tag or the serial poetry page for samples of my work.  The next session will be Tuesday, August 7 with a theme of "modern myths."

If you enjoy writing and/or reading, please drop by [community profile] crowdfunding and join the fun!


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