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Craft Advice

Cartographer's Guild: Cartographical Economics and Demographics - A Guide to Realism

Elizabeth Barrette: Cut to the Core
Elizabeth Barrette: So Your Story Needs a Prophecy
Elizabeth Barrette: Building a Fantasy World
Elizabeth Barrette: Worldbuilding II: Answering Questions
Elizabeth Barrette: Writing Exercise: Using the JerkMuse
Elizabeth Barrette: Thoughts on Rhyming Poetry

Pretentious Title: How I Went From Writing 2,000 Words a Day to 10,000 Words a Day
Pretentious Title: How I Plot A Novel in 5 Steps
Pretentious Title: Editing for People Who Hate Editing

Terrible Minds: 25 Reasons I Hate Your Main Character

Business Advice

Crowdfunding / Cyberfunded Creativity An excellent collection of resources explaining what crowdfunding is and how to get started.

Elizabeth Barrette: Writing Contracts
Elizabeth Barrette: Master List of Interview Questions for Writers


Chuck Wendig: Terrible Minds Advice, challenges, interviews, and personal posts on The Life. Swears creatively and often.

Rachel Aaron: Pretentious Title Advice and personal posts on writing.


CopyWrite Mac OS X 10.3 and up; $24.99 USD

Evernote Available on most platforms; Limited free use; Premium account is $5 USD/month or $45 USD/year

PortableApps Windows (32 & 64-bit) 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8 + Wine under Linux/Unix/BSD/Mac OS X; Free
     Specific Apps:
     Internet tools
     Create a book cover with Gimp & InkScape
     Create an audiobook
     Word Processors: Open Office | Libre Office | Focus Writer
     Remember to take breaks

Scrivener Mac OS X 10.4 and up; $45 USD; Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7; $40 USD

Word Counter A simple web-based application that does what it says.

yWriter Supports Windows XP, Vista "and beyond." Earlier versions of Windows are not supported; Free


750 Words

Write or Die

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I've compiled a lot of material about the crowdfunding business model here:
This allows writers and their audiences to interact directly so they can create, fund, and publicize what they want rather than what some mainstream editor wants.

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[personal profile] synecdochic has a whole bunch of writing meta that I think is awesome.


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From: [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith
I saw your post elsewhere about including individual posts as resources. Here are some of mine...

"Writing Contracts"

"Cut to the Core"

"Master List of Interview Questions for Writers"

"So Your Story Needs a Prophecy"

"Building a Fantasy World"

"Worldbuilding II: Answering Questions"

"Writing Exercise: Using the JerkMuse"

"Thoughts on Rhyming Poetry"


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